Trust Vision and Ethos
Highcliffe Primary School is part of the Lionheart Educational Trust. The school is located within the Birstall area.
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Lionheart Academies Trust has a strong and vibrant vision for all children in Birstall as partners in a 0-19 educational journey that will give them an outstanding start as lifelong learners. This vision is based on current positive and effective links built with both pre-school providers in the area and The Cedars Secondary School which allow high quality transition and the sharing of good practice. Highcliffe is part of that high quality education provision and plays a strong part in the vision for Birstall, working with the two other Primary Schools to create excellent primary provision for all pupils

Our educational mission is simple: ANY young person from ANY background deserves an EQUAL chance to be successful in whatever they choose to do. The trust is committed to supporting young people to open doors to their futures and to feel confident that they can thrive in a competitive world.

Our philosophy is clear. We promote a pupil-centred approach that is underpinned by the understanding that the highest quality education is a right that all young people deserve regardless of their starting points. We are dedicated to providing young people with the strongest foundations and educational achievement that they can feel proud of. We know that promoting a positive, proactive approach that celebrates success unites school communities and breaks down barriers to learning.


We envisage vibrant, exciting and engaging learning environments with a high quality and inspirational curriculum that promotes academic excellence, real life skills and an opportunity for learners to develop as citizens of 21st Century Britain. Our aim is to inspire, educate and empower all children in Birstall through our key values which include:

  • A comprehensive, pupil-focused outstanding education for all.
  • An educational ethos built on strong moral principles and a sense of citizenship within our modern society
  • Belief in the importance of an excellent curriculum that allows the opportunity to nurture talent and aspiration
  • High quality teaching and learning experiences delivered by high quality practitioners
  • Innovative and inspiring learning environments that facilitate engaging and exciting educational opportunities
  • Accurate and supportive tracking of pupil progress that ensures appropriate and targeted provision designed to enable all pupils to achieve their potential
  • Building a professional and respected educational institution that takes its place at the centre of its community and actively involves parents, carers and families in its daily life

Ethos & Values

The school subscribes to the Lionheart Educational Trust’s ethos and values and is overseen by Michelle Walton, our Executive Headteacher who drives the vision for excellence and facilitates smooth transition to the secondary phase. Our key priorities for the school are:

  • The establishment of strong and supportive leadership led by an inspirational Executive Headteacher committed to building an outstanding educational setting
  • High quality recruitment of innovative and inspiring teachers who will deliver a vibrant curriculum linked to real-life skills and knowledge
  • An exciting and vibrant learning environment which uses modern technology and current educational pedagogy to engage and inspire pupils
  • The sharing of good practice across all of the Lionheart Primary schools and the establishment of common and consistent approaches in areas such as pupil tracking and assessment to facilitate effective professional dialogues and moderation of pupil attainment and progress
  • The engagement of the local community and parents and carers as part of their children’s learning journey through a culture of approach ability, quality communication and supportive pastoral care

As part of the Lionheart Educational Trust, Highcliffe is part of the common policies shared with its partner schools in the area aimed at maximising pupil progress and development. For example, regular and high attendance by pupils is critical to ensuring a high quality education and shares an agreed approach to the monitoring and management of attendance and strategies for pastoral care including a WELL (Wellbing in Education Link Leader) who advises and facilitates nurture groups and support with emotional development.

Overall, the Lionheart Educational Trust has the strength of vision and the drive to ensure that Highcliffe provides outstanding education for all children in Birstall.