EYFS Autumn

Half Term 1

Theme: Super Me Super You

The first 3-4 weeks will consist of baseline assessments.

Teacher allocation and set classes will be sorted by the end of September

Subject What will my child be learning about? 

Topic/Themes Covered

Superheroes, Our Super Powers and what we can’t do yet (linked to Growth Mindset), Heroes in real life (including people who help us and our families), Super Birthdays and Super Villains. We will also cover other topics/themes based on child interest and any questions they want answered.


Phonics – Based on the story ‘The Listening Walk’ - hearing different sounds. Initial sounds, orally segmenting and blending words, songs and rhymes. Retelling stories. Learning the phonic sounds / letters (Flying with Phonics).

Giving meaning to marks, labelling pictures.

We will be sending home a timetable to tell you which sounds we will be covering each week. We will be creating a ‘Sounds of the week’ table and would love some objects that begin with that sound etc.

Maths: Number

Counting and recognition. Numbers of the week.

Focus on numbers 1-10

Counting aloud (songs and rhymes)

Counting items / matching to numbers and recognising amounts quickly through pattern


Personal, social and Emotional Development

School rules, sharing, Growth Mindset – what I can’t do yet and how I can work towards targets. Making friends. Being independent.

Physical Development

Assessment during PE:

Spatial awareness, gross motor skills, fine motor skills. Getting dressed independently.

Hygiene – washing our hands / germs.

Communication and Language

Acting out stories / sharing our ideas

Listening to each other and talking in small groups.

Understanding the World

People and Communities

Super Me Super you – how are we the same, how are we different? Our families and traditions important to us. Heroes in real life.

The World

Noticing changes around the school grounds.


Discussing the technology we use. Beginning to use desktop computers to complete simple programmes.

Expressive Arts & Design

Super Me Super you – learning how to use lines to enclose space by drawing pictures of ourselves.

Combining different materials and learning how to be resourceful.

Extra information

E.g. Trips, Assemblies, Special Days

Flying with Phonics Reading Evening - Thursday 21st September 5pm-6pm

Half Term 2

Theme: Celebrations

Subject What will my child be learning about? 

Topic/Themes Covered

Diwali, Bonfire Night, Children around the world, Christmas, Day and night, Friendship, Road safety, Children in need.


Oral segmentation / blending

Labelling and caption


Sentence construction

Simple caption, sentence

Shared writing

Format of a letter

Maths: Shape, Space Measure/Number


2D Shapes – naming and describing.

Patterns – using shapes

Money: Coin recognition


More / fewer

Finding total of two groups / addition

Personal, social and Emotional Development/ Understanding the world / Religious Education

Growth Mindset

Which people are special and why?

What is Diwali?

Hindus / Sikhs

Autumn changes

Signs of Winter

Road Safety – stay bright

Guy Fawkes

CIN: How did Jesus help others?

Nativity Story

Physical Development

Gross and fine motor skills

Hygiene – washing our hands / germs.

Communication and Language

What is a question? What do we want to know?

Autumn changes - walk

Rhyming /poems

Differences in children around the world Big Talk

Helicoptering – story retelling


ICT suite / ipads

Suite – using a mouse to draw and use 2 publish / 2 paint, logging in.

Ipads/easy speaks – ‘the world through our eyes and ears’ taking photos and audio.

Ipads - Puppet Pals (story telling)

Beebots – coding / making own beebot mats / reading

Expressive Arts & Design

Autumn discovery (collect from autumn walk) shape pictures

Using natural materials

Using colours /mixing colours

Painting techniques

Pattern / Printing

Extra information

E.g. Trips, Assemblies, Special Days

Autumn walk – 26th October

Magical Maths Workshop 2pm – 3pm – 2nd November

Friendship week – WC 13th November

Children in Need – 17th November

Cinema trip – 21st November

EYFS Christmas postal walk – Friday 1st of December

EYFS Christmas performance – Monday the 11th and

Tuesday the 12th of December