EYFS Summer

Half Term 1

Theme: Plants/ Mini Beasts/ Dinosaurs

Subject What will my child be learning about? 

Topic/Themes Covered

Plants, mini beasts, dinosaurs.


Our main stories will be The Tiny Seed, The Bad Tempered Ladybird (both by Eric Carle) and How to grow a dinosaur (Caryl Hart)

We will be writing in the form of recipes, lists, letters, captions for pictures and story writing.


Shape, Space and Measure:

Times of the day – events that occur during daily routine, looking at clocks and learning about the clock hands.

Seasons – sequencing seasons of the year and significant events.

Number: recognition / counting

Addition and Subtraction

Doubling / halving and sharing

SSM: Times of the day / seasons Numbers addition / subtraction Numbers addition / subtraction

Number: doubling, halving, sharing.

We will still be working on learning how to record our maths work.

Personal, social and Emotional Development/ Understanding the World/ Religious Education

RE: Being Special: Where do we belong?

What does it mean to belong to a faith community?

PSED: Respect: Respecting plants and the outdoors

PSED: Responsibility How can we take responsibility at school and at home?

Growth investigation: Cress investigation

Outdoor learning – woodland activities Cress investigation continued

Grow a sunflower competition

Physical Development

Gym/ balancing and equipment

Communication and Language

Helicoptering – story retelling

Story structure

Mystery objects

‘Me time’ – the children will be given a 10 minute slot each to tell the class about absolutely anything. We will send the timetable out next term. – Check book bags for this.


Phonics Apps


Desktop computers – learning how to login using their own username and password.

Expressive Arts & Design

Creating art pieces linking to flowers – Looking at famous art pieces like Van Gough’s sunflowers.

Outdoor resources – using natural objects to create art.

Extra information

E.g. Trips, Assemblies, Special Days

23rd April Maths open morning

26th April RDMF Class assembly

3rd May RJV Class assembly