Digital Directors
Digital Directors

From year 1 to year 6, each class has elected two pupils to become its Digital Directors. Digital Directors are going to take a lead role in sessions all about digital literacy – in KS2, the Digital Directors will lead the sessions and in KS1 they will support their teachers. So, what is digital literacy?   Digital literacy is all about how we approach using computers and the results of this. Its aim is to equip pupils with the skills, knowledge and understanding needed in order to participate fully and safely in an increasingly digital world. E-safety is part of this.

The elected Digital Directors are:

1PH:   Archie and Maisie 1LC:  Eeshan and Amelia
2MG:  Archie and Evie 2EH:  Ethan and Iris
3KW:  Dominic and Ava 3AP:  Finlay and Leon
4JS:   Shayne and Theia 4AW:  Harry and Riya
5CB:  Elliot and Shivali 5NP:  Oscar and Scarlett
6KM:  George and Izzy 6LW:  George and Zara