Coronavirus Closure

Following government guidelines, Highcliffe Academy is now closed. The Cedars Academy in Birstall will be open to children of key workers at Cedars, Humphrey Perkins, Martin High and our primaries, Highcliffe, Riverside and Hallam Fields who have registered for a place


The eCadet programme is an age-appropriate e-Safety scheme which Highcliffe uses to promote e-safety through teaching pupils how to stay safe, how to protect themselves from harm and how to take responsibility for their own and others’ safety. Through the eCadet programme, Highcliffe has developed its digital citizenship

The programme is coordinated by one of the teachers, as eCadet coordinator. However, the role of the teacher is really just as an administrator – the majority of the teaching and learning is led by the eCadets themselves: two elected pupils per class. Materials and suggestions for activities are provided. It is up to the eCadets how they use them. The eCadets either present and lead challenges within classes or complete whole-school challenges such as leading assemblies with the aim of the whole-school learning skills to promote a safe digital life. The programme demonstrates the power of peer teaching as classmates are always enthusiastic and engaged. Teachers and other adults in the school community are also learning from the eCadets.

Once challenges have been completed, the eCadets upload them to eCadets HQ who assess the school’s learning. Schools score points for these challenges which determines their position in a league table. The eCadets are also promoted for successfully completing challenges.

Highcliffe eCadets are currently lying third in the national league table and have attained the rank of eCadet ambassadors. In addition to this, through the efforts of all pupils, Highcliffe has been awarded the Gold Award Centre of Excellence for consistently being in the top ten schools nationally (and the only one in Leicestershire to achieve this.