Support & Wellbeing
Support & Wellbeing at Highcliffe

Happy children = Happy learners!

Alongside the high academic aspirations we have for all our children, at Highcliffe we are also incredibly passionate about the pastoral support we provide.

We do this through many approaches and strategies:

  • Our PSHCE curriculum (which includes SRE)
  • R-Time
  • Assemblies for e.g. NSPCC Pants assembly
  • ‘In the moment’ support for example through the use of emotion coaching
  • Our therapeutic counsellor
  • External agencies as and when required for e.g. CAMHS, the Diana Service,

If you have any concerns about your child from an emotional health point of view, please speak to your child’s class teacher or a member of the school leadership team sooner rather than later so that we can put the necessary support in place.

We are very proud at Highcliffe to have a Level 4 Theraputic Counsellor, Mrs Sarah Jones, who specialises in non-directive support and therapy for children. Sarah works with us for 22.5 hours each week and provides one to one, small group and lunchtime support/wellbeing sessions.

The impact she has had at Highcliffe has been enormous and she is more than happy to speak to parents directly. Please make contact with her through the school office.



At Highcliffe we take bullying seriously and we are very proud of the extremely low levels we have of bullying.

Bullying can be defined as an abuse of power by one or more through repeated hurtful or aggressive behaviour to cause significant emotional or physical harm to another person.

Children are encouraged to tell adults about their concerns if they feel they are being bullied and we have strategies for working with children who are involved in bullying. If you have concerns as a parent please be encouraged to speak to your child’s class teacher in the first instance.


We define bullying as: Several Times OPurpose
We encourage pupils to: Start Telling Other People


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