Welcome to Highcliffe Primary School

Welcome to Highcliffe Primary School. Highcliffe is a friendly, ambitious and visionary school that has the children and their families at the heart of everything we do.

The 6Rs permeate through all aspects of our school: Respect, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Resilience, Reflection and Reciprocity. We aim to develop self-directed, inquisitive, opinionated and brave individuals with a life-long love for learning.

The 6Rs, a growth-mindset and learning dispositions (qualities such as courage and optimism) are the roots of our curriculum tree for learning. Developing the right qualities, skills and attitudes in our pupils helps to have a positive impact on their lives and life-chances. We prepare our pupils for their future life, in secondary school and beyond, so that they can face changes and challenges with resilience and courage. We firmly believe that high expectations should be set for all.

In order for children to reach their full potential, they need to feel confident, safe and nurtured. Wellbeing is at the heart of our school. We champion every child to achieve their very best. We teach every child to believe in themselves, to form their own opinions and to be aspirational. We offer a wide range of nurture based guidance and interventions including social, emotional and mental health support for both our children and for the whole school community. Our ethos of championing every child, character development and wellbeing support impacts on the achievement of our pupils.

We seek to constantly improve and embrace changes to ensure we deliver a creative, balanced and high-quality curriculum.

Highcliffe is a happy, kind and polite school. The children are positive, smiley and complimentary. They make everyone feel welcome in a school that they are proud to represent. Their voices are heard and their ideas are encouraged and respected.

Please do not hesitate to make an appointment to meet with me and visit our dedicated team and our wonderful children here at Highcliffe Primary School. 


- Hannah Drury (Head of School)


Apply to Highcliffe Primary School before January 15th, 2021! To find out more, take a look at our vision for learners and also view our video below. 



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