Reading & Phonics
Reading & Phonics


Reading at school has changed over the years and we have less independent reading – this encourages the children to develop their skills in an informal setting, promoting discussion and development using the support of peers and adults.

In EYFS the children to read through the Read Write Inc. scheme. The children are given an appropriate book, following the key sounds and words of the week. There are extra sheets to work on at home as the children progress. Guided reading and assisted blending are based on the children’s group book. Later in the year, the children may also be given a colour banded book to complement their Read Write Inc. book.

The children have a weekly trip to the library where they are guided in choosing an appropriate book. We encourage use of the children’s reading diaries as a form of home-school communication. Throughout the week, the children are encouraged to read a variety of material in the book corners and can choose to take home a ‘reading bag’.

In Year 1, the children are placed in groups which are appropriate to their reading level. During this year, the children may finish the Read Write Inc. scheme and move onto more formal guided reading sessions.

This way of reading then continues as the children move through school, predominantly using the Big Cat reading Scheme, supplemented by Rigby Navigator and Project X books.


Phonics is taught throughout EFYS and Year 1, extending to Year 2 where necessary. The children learn via speed sounds, ditties and work books. They are grouped for this by ability, changing books on a regular basis in line with their needs. The phonics work is all part of the Read Write Inc. scheme. The children are tested at the end of Year 1 in line with current DfE regulations.

Information about our Reading Schemes and programmes is given in our ‘Welcome To’ EYFS, KS1, Lower and Upper KS2 sessions.