At Highcliffe Primary School we aim to celebrate the diversity within our community and the wider world and develop confidence in individual identity through our tailored curriculum. We strive to promote equality in all that we do and we use examples of where this has not always been the case in our society in the past to support learning and promote tolerance.


We want all our learners to feel of equal value and we welcome everyone here no matter what race, ethnicity, gender or family background they belong to.
We value diversity and promote tolerance, ensuring that all children and staff are offered the support they need, are treated equally and respectfully. This will enable our children to promote kindness in our school by following the British Values and support them to make positive contribution as young citizens.


At Highcliffe, our children are aware of refugees who may need to be welcomed in our school and our country to stay safe. We believe that refugees matter and they have the right to stay safe and have the right to education.



The world our children are growing up in is becoming increasingly diverse, but for those who identify as LGBT or come from families with same-sex parents, school can still be challenging, so it is important to make our children aware.
Our children are aware of the LGBTQ community and it is important for children to learn that families come in different shapes and sizes, including those with same-sex parents.


We make our children aware of others with disabilities. We teach our children that disabilities can be a physical or a mental condition. We also make our children aware that ‘hidden’ disability is a disability that may not be visible to others.
This enables the children to understand that disabled people might look different, act differently or just might not be able to do things as well or as quickly. This enables our children to include everyone in our school and show respect to them.