Year 2
Within this page you will find detailed information about the curriculum coverage and progression in Year 2

Welcome to Year 2. Here you can find information about the Curriculum being taught to your child whilst in Year 2 at Highcliffe Primary School.
Our aim is to ensure that each child develops a lifelong love for learning where everyone is encouraged to develop, grow and reach their potential whatever his or her ability.  The Year 2 Curriculum has been developed to ensure that it is progressive, follows a sequence of lessons which builds on prior knowledge and is committed to knowing more and remembering more.
If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s class teacher.


Please find links to these documents below:  

Year 2 Curriculum Information
Curriculum Map
Year 2 Key Skills Progression Grids
Year 2 SATS
Add & Subtract - Information for Parents/Carers
Multiply & Divide - Information for Parents/Carers
Useful Documents
Common Exception Words
Writing Mats
Year 1 and 2 Curriculum Spelling List
Recommended Reads List


Summer Term 2022
Curriculum Map - Summer Term
Computing Knowledge Organiser - Programming B: An Introduction to Quizzes 

Computing Knowledge Organiser - Creating Media: Making Music

Science - Animals Including Humans
Science - Plants
Music - Music that makes you dance
History - The Great Fire of London


Please do not hesitate to speak to your child's class teacher at any time during the year if you would like to discuss any of these in more detail. We are here to ensure your child achieves their full potential whilst at Highcliffe and working closely with parents is key to ensuring this happens.