Year 3
Within this page you will find detailed information about the curriculum coverage and progression in Year 3


The 2018 Year 3 Study Guide provides an overview of the topics that are taught in Year 3 and in which term they are delivered. The Study Guide also includes the overarching termly themes and the 'inspiration' and 'finale' events.

The Year 3 Curriculum Coverage Information provides individual posters for each subject detailing the objectives which are covered during Year 3. These are used by teachers to inform planning and to assess your child's progress during the year. You will see the written objectives as they are used by teachers and then the same objectives underneath in child speak starting with 'I can...' These link directly to our school's assessment system (Target Tracker) which is used to track children's progress throughout their time at Highcliffe.

Information shared at the Year 3 Welcome Meeting presentation delivered during September 2018 can be found within the Year 3 Welcome Meeting link. 

The Year 3 Key Skills Progressions Grids are our quick 'go to' reference grids highlighting the key skills within the subject that will be taught during the year to ensure smooth progress to the following year's curriculum. 


Please find links to these documents below:  

Year 3 Curriculum Coverage Information
Art and Design
Design and Technology
Physical Education
Reading and Spoken Language
Religious Education
Year 3 Key Skills Progression Grids
Add & Subtraction - Information for Parents/Carers
Multiply & Divide - Information for Parents/Carers
Useful Documents
Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spellings

Please do not hesitate to speak to your child's class teacher at any time during the year if you would like to discuss any of these in more detail. We are here to ensure your child achieves their full potential whilst at Highcliffe and working closely with parents is key to ensuring this happens.