The house system at Highcliffe encourages constructive competition and gives the children a sense of community and belonging. We have four Houses called:

  • Swithland
  • Bradgate
  • Abbey
  • Watermead

These names were chosen in collaboration with the children to recognise our local green spaces. On entry to Highcliffe each child is allocated a House (siblings are in the same House).

Each year the Year 6 children can campaign to become a House Captain or Vice Captain for their house. The nominees are then voted in through a whole school democratic vote which takes place in September. The House and Vice Captains remain in post for a year and meet regularly to help support the vision and ethos of the school. They also lead House Assemblies where they promote the 6Rs. 

Throughout the year the children at Highcliffe can earn tokens for their House. We have a variety of different coloured tokens, each having a different points value, for e.g. a silver token at lunchtime is worth 2 points, a gold Headteacher token is worth 4 points, house coloured tokens are worth 1 point. They receive these for showing the 6Rs and the code of conduct throughout the school day. At the end of each term the tokens are counted and the rather large House Cup is awarded to the team with the highest number of points. This team also receives an extra playtime as a reward!

The main house token collection unit stays in the main reception - please feel free to pop in to see how the Houses are doing!