March 21, 2024

British Science Week

Pupils at Highcliffe Primary School enjoyed an action-packed week acknowledging British Science Week.

The week began with a captivating assembly in which the importance of the event was highlighted, before pupils marvelled at a live scientific demonstration.

Children then had fun engaging in a variety of practical experiments relating to this year’s theme of time. They examined different methods of measuring time and made their own sand timers, water clocks and pendulums before using video games to explore the topic further.

Throughout the day, children also had the opportunity to design a science-themed poster to mark the 30th Anniversary of British Science Week. The brief was broad, giving pupils ample to scope to explore the concept of time; they could demonstrate how a certain type of technology has changed over time or even how the world might look in the future.

After a collection of colourful entries were submitted, five finalists were sent on to the British Science Association where – alongside entries from other schools across the country – they will be judged before an overall winner is selected; fingers crossed for a Highcliffe victor!

Elsewhere, Year 5 and 6 pupils were visited by volunteers within the science industry. They spoke at length about their own careers and how they use science, technology, engineering and mathematics in their day-to-day lives. Suitably inspired, the discussion went a long way to inspiring the children to pursue a career in this industry when the time comes.

What a thoroughly enlightening and engaging week and one that certainly brought an important core subject to life!