Coronavirus Closure

Following on from the updated Government directive on school closures in the Leicester and Leicestershire area, Highcliffe is now closed from Tuesday 30th June to all students except children of key workers who have registered for a place.

Our Team
Role Name
Executive Head Teacher Ms M Walton
Head of School Miss H Drury
Assistant Head  Miss K White
Chair of Governors Mr B Saunders
Business Manager  
HR/Administration Manager Miss E Nicholls
Senior Administrator Mrs W King
Administrative Assistant   Mrs Z Sansam
Administrative Assistant   Mrs J Billingham
EYFS & Phase 1 Lead Mrs G Hammond
Phase 2 Lead Miss L Williamson
Year 6 Lead Miss K White

Mrs G Hammond

Miss A Griffiths

Year 1

Mrs P Halford

Miss CA Bonsell

Year 2

Miss E Hardy

Miss M Gibson

Year 3

Miss K Wass

Miss A Peel

Year 4

Miss L Williamson 

Mr J Spedding

Year 5

Mrs J Bestwick

Mr N Patel

Year 6

Mrs A Wilby

Miss C Bee

Miss K White

Designated Safe Guarding Leads

Miss H Drury

Miss K White

Mrs P Halford

Miss L Williamson

Mr J Spedding

Mrs G Hammond

Mrs S George

Mrs K Gutteridge

Learning Support Assistants (LSA's)

Mrs D Collins

Mrs S Crumbie

Miss V Guthrie

Mrs R Joyce

Miss K Macmanard

Mrs J Mills

Mrs L Murphy

Mrs K Saunders

Mrs K Smith

Mrs B Stevens

Mr B Stones

Mrs V Sutton

Mrs D Tansley

Mrs V Townsend

Mrs M West

Miss L Whitmore


Mrs S George


Mrs R Pabla

Cover Supervisor

Mrs W Scott

Family Support Worker Mrs K Gutteridge
Therapeutic Counsellor Mrs S Jones
Premises Officer Mr J Singh
Premises Assistant

Mrs C Middleton

Mrs V Dabhi

Mrs V Dhabi

Mrs B Dosanjh

Mrs S Patel
Breakfast Club Leader

Miss K Macmanard

Breakfast Club Assistants

Mr B Stones

Ms S Kaur

Midday Supervisors

Mrs V Dabhi

Ms J Frearson

Mrs L Freeman

Ms L Hetterley

Mrs R Hopcroft

Ms D Kara

Mrs S Patel

Mrs T Raja

Mrs L Sensicall

Highcliffe Staff List, Management and Communications Structure