Our Team
Role Name
Executive Head Teacher Ms M Walton
Head of School Miss H Drury
Assistant Head  Miss K White
Chair of Governors Mr P Ince
Operations Manager Mrs S Billen
Senior Administrator Mrs W King
Administrative Assistant   Mrs Z Sansam
Administrative Assistant   Mrs J Billingham
EYFS & Phase 1 Lead

Mrs G Hammond

Phase 2 Lead Miss L Williamson
Year 6 Lead Miss K White

Miss C A Bonsell

Mrs G Hammond

Year 1

Mrs P Halford

Miss L Carr

Year 2

Miss E Hardy

Miss M Gibson

Year 3

Miss K Wass

Miss A Peel

Year 4

Mr J Spedding

Mrs A Wilby

Year 5

Miss C Bee

Mr N Patel

Mr A Wilson

Year 6

Miss L Williamson

Miss K Mason

Miss K White 

Designated Safe Guarding Leads

Miss H Drury

Miss K White

Mrs P Halford

Miss L Williamson

Mr J Spedding

Mrs G Hammond

Mrs S George

Mrs K Gutteridge

Miss K Macmanard

Learning Support Assistants (LSA's)

Mrs D Collins

Mrs S Crumbie

Miss S Cufflin

Miss V Guthrie

Mrs R Joyce

Miss K Macmanard

Mrs J Mills

Mrs L Murphy

Mrs K Saunders

Mrs K Smith

Mrs B Stevens

Mr B Stones

Mrs D Tansley

Mrs V Townsend

Mrs M West

Miss L Whitmore

Mrs P Schoneveld

Director of Inclusion

Mrs S George


Mrs R Pabla

Cover Supervisor

Mrs W Scott

Family Support Worker Mrs K Gutteridge
Therapeutic Counsellor Mrs S Jones
Premises Officer Mr J Singh
Premises Assistant

Mrs C Middleton

Mrs V Dabhi

Mrs V Dhabi

Mrs B Dosanjh

Mrs S Patel
Breakfast Club Leader

Miss K Macmanard

Breakfast Club Assistants

Mr B Stones

Ms S Kaur

Midday Supervisors

Mrs V Dabhi

Ms J Frearson

Mrs L Freeman

Ms L Hetterley

Mrs R Hopcroft

Ms D Kara

Mrs S Patel

Mrs T Raja

Mrs L Sensicall

Highcliffe Staff List, Management and Communications Structure