January 25, 2023

Highcliffe singing superstars attended Young Voices 2023

On Monday 9th January, we took our KS2 students to the Young Voices concert at The World Resorts Arena in Birmingham. 

Young Voices provides children all across England with the opportunity to perform in the world’s largest children’s choir concerts. Children taking part in Young Voice are given the chance to perform in some of the world’s greatest arenas alongside incredible artists.  

To take part with all their school friends around them for support boosts their self-belief, self-motivation, confidence, and ability to communicate as part of a team - which is invaluable! Add to this the numerous health benefits of singing in rehearsals, including learning breathing exercises to focus the mind.  

The concert in January was the culmination of a lot of hard work from the teachers and children, resulting in an incredible performance alongside 6500 other primary school pupils. Not only that, but the children were also performing alongside guest artists such as Heather Small, singing her hit single Proud, and also the very talented violist Anna Phoebe.  

We are so incredibly proud of all of the children who took part in Young Voices this year. Their hard work and dedication were outstanding, from attending weekly rehearsals, learning the songs and dance routines at home, to giving it everything they had got on the performance night. They shone like the stars they are, and we hope this is just the start of their singing career.