April 15, 2024


Recently, our Year 3 pupils had a fantastic time interviewing acclaimed children’s author Marie Basting.

Alongside other primary schools in the Lionheart Educational Trust – Brocks Hill, Hallam Fields and Riverside – our children loved learning about the Ancient Romans during the Spring Term and even read Marie’s book – My Family And Other Romans – as part of their English unit.

Not only was the opportunity to interview Marie useful for strengthening their knowledge of a key historical era, it also allowed the children to learn more about the process behind getting a book published, revealing just how much hard work and dedication is required.

Taking place online, the pupils quizzed Marie about her inspiration for her Roman-themed book and how she created the novel’s iconic characters.

All pupils had a fabulous time, and were thoroughly enlightened about the benefits of reading for pleasure.

“We want all of our children to view themselves as authors and to read for pleasure. It's important that they see authors are real-life people who have undertaken the same writing journey that they are on now,” explained Hannah Harris, Primary Director of English for Lionheart.

“It's really important that the children are provided with meaningful experiences in order to motivate them to read and write. Research shows that author visits are hugely beneficial for all readers but particularly those who might be more reluctant to read.”

Such was the success of this initiative, that plans are already underway to organise comparable events in the future, so watch this space!